Healthy Living Starts at Home: Experience Mountain Valley Water Delivery

Man and woman working out and pouring Mountain Valley

The drive to feel better and live healthier is a strong one. It is wild out there, and we need to be at our best to tackle the demands of modern life. While gyms, yoga studios and juice bars can assist in boosting a healthy lifestyle, the heart of our health resides in our homes. 

A happy and healthful home — that’s the dream. A place where you can rest your head and refresh your body. A place to recharge and feel at peace. A place overflowing with the crispest, most award-winning spring water in the U.S. 

OK, perhaps that last part is optional, but it sure doesn’t hurt. And thanks to home water delivery from Mountain Valley Spring Water, it’s never been easier to achieve. 

Mountain Valley home delivery

Home Water Delivery: How it works

How does home water delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water work? In short: click, click, click, then sit back and let us take care of the rest. 

Mountain Valley partners with distributors coast to coast across the U.S. to deliver our purely sourced spring water just about anywhere folks are thirsty. Even better: You can order our water any way you like. 

Woman pouring water from a 5 gallon bottle

Home water delivery of Mountain Valley’s 2.5 and 5 gallon glass jugs: Our iconic glass water jugs make for beautiful statement pieces in any home kitchen. But their true beauty is that they’re reusable. Simply stash your empty glass jugs and our delivery drivers will pick them up and return them to Mountain Valley headquarters. We then clean and sanitize them, fill them with more of our deliciously refreshing spring water, and send them back to thirsty homes around the country. 

Home water delivery of Mountain Valley’s glass and aluminum bottles: Stock your shelves with the country’s most award-winning spring water AND have it delivered to your doorstep. From our classic green-glass bottles in 333 milliliter, 500 mL and 1 liter sizes, to our 12-packs of 750 mL aluminum bottles, our full range of Mountain Valley Spring Water is available for home delivery. Your fridge and pantry will never look better — or healthier. 

Home water delivery of Mountain Valley’s sparkling waters: Add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen with our equally award-winning sparkling water. And, for a hint of flavor with no sweeteners and no calories, check out our lineup of sparkling essence waters. What makes Mountain Valley Spring Water’s sparkling offerings so unique? We craft them with the same purely sourced, purely refreshing spring water that put Mountain Valley on the map. Then we add in a few billion bubbles of carbonation and, if you like, a dash of all natural flavor. Try our Sparkling White Peach, Sparkling Key Lime Twist or Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate to add some fizz to your day. And yes, of course, we are happy to deliver them directly to your home. 

Woman working out with aluminum bottle of Mountain Valley

Home Water Delivery: 8 great health benefits of water

Home water delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water is wonderfully easy. It’s also a wonderful step to help keep you and your family hydrated. Proper hydration is crucial for our health. Here are eight reasons why:

  1. Water helps regulate body temperature. It not only keeps us cool in the summer but also warm in the winter. 
  2. Water keeps joints lubricated. Healthy knees, hips, elbows, wrists, fingers, toes — you name it — need a properly hydrated body. 
  3. Water staves off infections. 
  4. Water keeps our skin glowing and supple. 
  5. Water is key to the health of our teeth and mouths. Water is needed for saliva production, and saliva keeps our mouths tidy. Drinking water in place of sugary juices or sodas also combats tooth decay.
  6. Water delivers oxygen throughout the body. Our blood is more than 90% water. 
  7. Water flushes the body of waste. Be it sweat, urine or feces, water is needed to keep these functions flowing and our bodies healthy. 
  8. Water helps with weight loss when consumed in place of sugary sodas and high-calorie juices. Drinking water before a meal can also help people feel fuller faster and eat less. 

The human body is made up primarily of water. To maintain that balance, experts at the Mayo Clinic advise men to drink about 15.5 cups of fluids per day, and they advise about 11.5 cups of fluids per day for women.

Mountain Valley as part of a healthy lifestyle with fruits and vegetables

Home Water Delivery: Drink well, live well

We require water for just about everything, from breathing and digesting properly, to thinking and acting properly. And where better to ensure proper hydration than at home? The best and easiest way of doing so, if you ask us, is with convenient home water delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water. 

Mountain Valley isn’t just the best because we say it’s the best (which we do, often). Our purely sourced spring water is the best for so many reasons. 

The best for balance: Mountain Valley Spring Water is basic — wonderfully and deliciously so. Our spring water is naturally alkaline with a pH of 7.3. This slight alkalinity means Mountain Valley Spring Water may help balance the many acidic foods abundant in the American diet. And balance is something we should all be striving to achieve. 

The best for hydration: When it comes to staying hydrated, nothing beats water. And when it comes to water, no one beats Mountain Valley. Our water is naturally mineralized with trace amounts of calcium, magnesium and potassium that give our H2O a healthful boost while also imparting Mountain Valley Spring Water with the crisp, rounded flavor our legions of fans love. These minerals make our water deliciously enjoyable and refreshingly easy to drink. 

The best according to the judges: It’s not just us and our loyal fans claiming Mountain Valley’s spring-water supremacy, it’s also the pros. The esteemed judges of the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting have named Mountain Valley Spring Water and our lineup of still and sparkling waters among the best in the U.S. and the world a marvelous 19 times. That makes Mountain Valley Spring Water the most award-winning bottled water in the United States. We’ll drink (a glass of our water) to that!

The best for sustainability: As we mentioned, Mountain Valley’s beautiful 2.5 and 5-gallon glass water-cooler jugs are beautifully recycled the old-fashioned way. Used jugs go back to Mountain Valley headquarters to be cleaned, sanitized and refilled with our purely sourced, purely delicious spring water. Our 333 mL, 500 mL and 1 L glass bottles, and our 750 mL aluminum bottles, are also made from recycled materials that we encourage you to continue recycling. And all are available for delivery to your front door. 

Man delivering Mountain Valley to a home

Home Water Delivery: Happy, healthy, hydrated — and home delivered

Home is where the heart is, and with home delivery of Mountain Valley Spring Water, home is where the very best hydration happens, too. Bottled water that’s purely sourced from our protected spring deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains, sustainably packaged in reusable 2.5 and 5-gallon glass jugs or bottles, AND delivered to your door? That’s what we at Mountain Valley Spring Water do best. 

A healthfully hydrated home is just a click away. Get started with home water delivery here.
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