Cacio e Pepe Recipe Paired with Flavored Sparkling Water

When it comes to food and drink, some things are better together. Finding the perfect pairing is an art form, as we learned from bar Vetti chefs and restaurateurs Ryan Rogers and Andrew McCabe. Their mission is to take any meal experience from good to great by finding the right balance of complementary flavors. Each recipe is carefully considered to discover the most inspired pairing, starting with their popular Cacio e Pepe. To round out this deliciously rich, cheesy favorite, the chefs turn to premium flavored sparkling spring water, Mountain Valley Sparkling Key Lime Twist as a delicious drink pairing.

A great duo themselves, Rogers and McCabe are no strangers to blending the right ingredients for success. bar Vetti opened in 2017 and took Louisville’s growing culinary scene by storm. The menu itself is a tantalizing hybrid of Italian and Southern cuisine that celebrates the power of a good pairing. Their Cacio e Pepe, which translates literally to “cheese and pepper,” is a hearty pasta dish that keeps fans coming back for more. McCabe calls it “a perfect pairing of quality ingredients,” and was looking for just the right sparkling water to enhance the robust flavors of the dish. Our sparkling water is delicately carbonated and infused with natural fruit essence to deliver the refreshing taste of pure natural goodness. The light citrus notes refresh the palate, lightening and enhancing the dish’s rich flavors.

Rogers and McCabe are passionate about working with local ingredients, so water sourced naturally from the American heartland is an unbeatable match. Mountain Valley Spring Water is the original mountain-to-table ingredient. Plus, it’s the perfect pairing for your health. Loaded with minerals naturally absorbed from deep within the earth, Mountain Valley Spring Water delivers calcium, magnesium and potassium with each sip.

Ready to serve your own perfect pairing? You can discover the bar Vetti Cacio e Pepe recipe below. And since your meal wouldn’t be complete without our chef-recommended Sparkling Key Lime Twist, you can shop now to enjoy the delicious taste and health-happy benefits of Mountain Valley spring water wherever you are. We use only the most premium reusable glass bottles to properly preserve the quality, fresh taste and benefits of our spring water. So whether you’re serving it solo or teaming it up with your favorite recipes at home, you can turn hydrating into a feast of pure natural goodness.

Rigatoni Cacio E Pepe served at bar Vetti

· 1 pound fresh pasta or 1 pound cooked dried pasta (bucatini or rigatoni work great)

· 2 to 4 tablespoons freshly cracked black pepper

· Whey butter

· 1 cup grated pecorino (plus more to grate over the finished pasta)

· Salt to taste

Place pasta in boiling water. Place a large sauté pan over medium to high heat. Add peppercorns and toast until they smell nice and toasty. Add whey butter. Bring to a simmer; reduce slightly. When the pasta is just slightly undercooked (98 percent cooked), strain and reserve some of the cooking liquid. Add the pasta to the whey butter; bring to a boil.

Work the pasta in the sauce so that the pasta doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan but the pasta starts to glaze. When the pasta is slightly glazed but there is still a bit of liquid in the pan, remove from the heat; add the cheese. Toss or stir the mixture to melt the cheese and build the sauce. If the sauce becomes too thick, adjust with reserved pasta water. If it is too thin, return to low heat to reduce, stirring constantly.

Divide pasta between plates or serve in one large bowl to share. Top with more grated pecorino and black pepper.

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