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When Reaching the Mountain Top is Only the Beginning

By: Mountain Valley Spring

Since the very beginning of our lives, each and every one of us has been conditioned to believe that there is a finish line. Learning how to walk, memorizing the ABC’s, learning to read, graduating from elementary, junior high and then high school, passing the driver’s test, earning a college degree, getting your first job, falling in love and getting married, having children, and on and on and on. Many of us are taught that all of the aforementioned things are a series of races that conclude at a mythical finish line, when in all actuality, they are milestones that open up doors to new possibilities.

The danger in viewing life as one big race is that when doing so, you can miss out on the very things that make life enjoyable. Life should be a journey, not a competition. What is for you, is for you and what is for your neighbor, friend or even the person you don’t life very much, is for them. For example, some people graduate from college early and some take more than the traditional four years. Are the degrees that are earned any different? No!

People who look at life as a journey generally understand that there is no finish line and subsequently no ceiling. You are fully capable of doing whatever your mind can conceive. Imagine how different your career could be if instead of the corner office being the ultimate goal, having your name on the building is what you work towards. Sure, depending on your background and circumstances, you will face certain unfair challenges in life, but keep in mind that the only person or entity who can place limitations on your thought process is you.

The next time you go to a vision board party or sit down to write short and long-term goals, try thinking outside the box. Think beyond your wildest dreams and let your imagination flow, you never know how glorious the outcome may be.

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