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Tips to Top Your Happiness Goals

By: Mountain Valley Spring

One thing that makes humans so beautiful is that each of us has a different set of requirements to maintain our happiness, and everyone’s happiness is on a sliding scale. Face it: somethings just make you happier than others, and sometimes there’s a chance to double down. Here are a few things to remember in your quest:
• Talk to people, make new friends, and send hand-written letters to the life-long ones. 
• Make time to workout, sweat, and get those endorphins up.
• Turn off notifications. 
• Recycle the clothes you never wear, and go shopping for new, sustainable threads (there’s a movement happening). 
• Daydream more and doodle in the margins. 
• Remove stressful people from your path, and purge all toxins in general (check our Detox Monday series for signature Mountain Valley Spring and Sparkling Water detox blends)
• Travel more, or at least try to get a few long weekends away. 
• Inspire others and help them as often as you can. 

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