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Searching for the Beauty in Everything

By: Mountain Valley Spring

The short but confusing space between seasons can be maddening. The weather doesn’t quite know what it’s doing, all of the sudden our favorite fruits become impossible to find, we have to turn clocks backward or forward (unless you live in Arizona), and even when we’ve supposedly gained an hour, it doesn’t feel like enough. Of course, these aren’t big upsets, but they can put extra miles on our bodies and minds.

Still, if you stop to consider the payout, such little transitional headaches into the fresh promise and possibility of a new season are necessary. We believe one of the greatest things you can do is stay vigilant about finding a spot of color in all of them.

Appreciate the sky when the weather is changing. Some nights are a little brighter, some days are a bit dull. It’s about what you do with the vibe, because you can still have a lot of fun and/or get a lot accomplished on a rainy day. 

Get inspired by new fruits. Besides, the perfect slice of watermelon just wouldn’t be as good if you could have it all the time. Experiment. Pick out fruit you rarely or never use, mix it with our Mountain Valley Spring or Sparkling Water and create a new detox recipe. Use more lemongrass, get wild. By the way, we’ll need to see those on Instagram - @mountainvalleywater. 

Try to relax your brain, and get good sleep. This is something you need to be doing regardless of jumping forward or falling back an hour. Ultimately, if you’re thinking about the hour that much, it’s a sure sign you could use the self-care. Make the effort to at least lay down a little earlier, you could also download a sleep app to give you some interesting insights into your rest. Even if you don’t get much more sleep than usual, it’s nice to have some extra meditation time. 

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