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Reclaiming Opportunities for Inspiration

By: Mountain Valley Spring

We’re all about the power of positive thought, meaning, we’re on a perpetual quest for good vibes only. It can be tricky, because there are so many variables, a million potential barriers to keep you from seeing something bloom. Well, we’ve found that the most important part is keeping your mind open to possibility. 

In April, we dropped some Tips to Top Your Happiness Goals, and now, we’d like to expand on a few of our favorites from that list. 

Turn Off Notifications - Ah, notifications. In these modern times, we rise and fall by the ebb and flow of who likes what and how many people are commenting on a thread. If you’re not over-stimulated by those basic notifications, social platforms have even started telling us when someone who hasn’t posted in a while has something to say. It’s an exhausting ploy to keep you engaged with an app when you could be spending your time accomplishing goals, but there’s a simple solution. 

Hop in your time machine and go back to the days when you didn’t have all that extra white noise. You don’t have to quit social media, but we definitely recommend taking a peek under the ‘Settings’ tab and cutting out those excess distractions. You’d be surprised how much free time and thought will flow from there. 

Daydream + Doodle in the Margins - If you think about your day as one big feast, daydreams are the vegetables. They might not be the most important thing your brain digests all day, but they’re a rudimentary part of a well-balanced meal.

Even the most straight-laced, analytical types relish a little daydreaming, drawing the occasional stick figure in between number crunching. But no matter what your vocation, in the midst of making your brain think the things it has to in order to pay the bills, make sure to step back and let it be weird. We’ve found, one of the simplest ways to do just that is to watch the skies.  

Remove Stressful People + Detoxify - Scenario: someone routinely shows you that they only want to harp on what’s not going right. It should seem pretty obvious that you’d want to avoid negative people like that, but a lot of us ignore the gut reaction to do so because we were raised to be polite. Then, before you know it, you’ve allowed something malignant to grow and poison your well. 

In short, our recommendation is to taper down or discontinue the time you spend with people like that. The great thing is, you can do this without being rude at all, and in the end, you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. Once you truly feel empowered to remove negative thinkers from your life, you’ll feel flushed out and recharged. 

Bonus Points: Now that you’re daydreaming more, and you’re not worried about insignificant social notifications or negative people, use some of that reclaimed time to drift over and recreate some of our signature Mountain Valley Spring Water Detox Monday recipes.

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