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Prepping Your Wellness Retreat Staycation

By: Mountain Valley Spring

Self-care can be elusive, but we must be deliberate in setting time aside to disconnect, practice hobbies, and recharge. This is something that we all talk about but rarely see through. Instead, we stay busy with work, put it off because we’re too tired from work, and settle for tiny consolations that create short spurts of bliss. That last thing is kind of a trade off for actual self-care; you’re not going to be fully refreshed after, but in that moment, it feels good to binge watch four episodes of something as a reward for being an adult that day. 

This is where a little prep can go a long way and help you enjoy the relaxing results of a well planned wellness staycation. And because we know you’re super busy, we’ve started a checklist at the bottom for you!

Disconnect - Before you get into planning, map your days out. If you can take Friday off, a solid three days is just the right amount of time for a restful staycation. Make sure everything is off your plate and don’t be afraid to tell people you’ll be out of pocket for a few days. 

Block off your calendar, log out of everything. Finally, when it’s time to start de-stressing, turn your phone off completely and try to have all the things you need so you don’t even have to leave your wellness nest.

Practice Hobbies + Learn New Ones - Poet? Painter? Thinking about taking up wood burning? There’s probably a whole list of things you love that you never get to do anymore, but this is your chance to break out those acrylics, or maybe do a little introspective journaling. Of course, if you’ve been wanting to experiment with new skills, this is also a great time to test the waters. Whatever you decide, just make sure you’ve got all the materials you need to get going. This part of your retreat is mostly about letting your stream of consciousness inspire your physical being to create. 

Recharge - Detoxify. Snack. Repeat. For this part, you’re going to need a few favorite items. This is where you focus on expelling all the impurities and toxins in your body with detox water recipes. 
You’ll also want to stock up for bath time lounging. Oh, and even though you’re detoxifying, it won’t hurt to snack and sip some wine.

Super Necessary Staycation Checklist

  • • 1 case of Mountain Valley Spring or Sparkling Water
  • • Lemons
  • • Limes
  • • Oranges
  • • Berries. So many kinds of berries!
  • • Cucumbers
  • • Cinnamon Sticks
  • • Apples
  • • Sweet treats - Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • • Savory treats - Fresh Pico De Gallo with tortilla chips
  • • Maybe a little wine?
  • • 3 individual mud masks (1 for each night)
  • • Favorite Daily Moisturizer
  • • Bubble Bath! - also, bath bombs, oils, and salts.
  • • Magazines
  • • Slippers
  • • Cozy lounging clothes

Alright, you should be well on your way to maximum relaxation! Oh, and here’s a great place to get detox water recipe inspiration.


Photo credit: Marissa Lace