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Our Top 5 Hidden Adventure Getaways

By: Mountain Valley Spring

A few weeks ago, we released our first Where Adventure Lives blog listing some of our favorite hidden gems for getaways. We covered desert, sea, and mountain, but that was only the beginning. Whether you’re planning on short jaunt or you’re committing to the long and winding road of the great American road trip, we’ve got a few spots worth a stay.

Hot Springs, AR - This one is in our backyard, and it’s got all the essentials for a relaxing time; biking and fishing enthusiasts would be especially delighted. Not only is this a historic place, complete with museums and other attractions, there’s a nice dining and nightlife scene. You can wine, dine, and dance all night after spending the day unwinding in the healing waters of the natural hot springs. If you make it out to this cleansing corner of the world, make sure to stop by Mountain Valley Spring Water headquarters to say hello!

Joshua Tree National Park, CA - It’s a pretty unique place, considering it’s where two very different types of deserts converge.

That means you get to see one of the widest varieties of plant and animal life in a very small stretch of land. We definitely recommend being prepared to hike the gorgeous rock formations, and you might even want to pack a mat for a relaxing nap, tucked just inside the cool shade of a little cavern.

Gatlinburg, TN - If you ever wanted to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, this quaint resort city in East Tennessee has you covered, as it borders some of the range’s most beautiful peaks and valleys. One of the most stunning pieces of it is its connectivity to so many other history lands, seemingly woven together by centuries-old Native American and Cherokee footpaths. This is definitely a place for a long, introspective walk about, but if you’re mostly going for the views and fun attractions, we can’t blame you.  

Outer Banks, NC - One of the east coast’s most interesting spots, and it has all the fishing you could want! It’s a string of barrier islands stretching across most of North Carolina’s coastline, and fun fact: it’s the sight of the first Wright Brothers’ flight. Airplane aficionados may flock there to celebrate the history of flight, but we recommend packing your surfboard if you’re a true thrill seeker. This place has some serious waves, but the weather will keep you guessing. Better pack the wetsuit too, just in case.

Silver Comet Trail, GA - With the main trail mouth starting just a few miles outside of Atlanta, this paved trail is begging to be biked. You can also rollerblade, walk, or even take your horse. From start to finish, it runs just over 61 miles, ending at the Georgia/Alabama state line. We think this is an ideal journey for a small friend group to travel, especially because it’s free! All you’ll need is a well-packed camp sack, a trusty bicycle, and a lot of heart.

If you have suggestions of places to visit for our next Where Adventure Lives blog, let us know in the comments. Let’s trek!