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Nourishing with Spring Water

By: Mountain Valley Spring

We are quite obviously fans of spring water here at Mountain Valley. From the springs that we bottle our best tasting water from to the natural minerals found in the Ouachita Mountains, our region is the source for the best mineral rich spring water in the country.

The human body is 60% made up of water, meaning that it is highly important to drink a lot of it. On this blog, we will spotlight a few of the nourishing benefits of drinking natural spring water.

Drinking spring water helps prevent osteoporosis and heart disease. Both are noticeably reduced by drinking water that has magnesium and calcium present according to The World Health Organization.

The body requires 220 and 410 milligrams of magnesium daily. Spring water is an excellent source for it. Magnesium helps the body maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps bones strong, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps heart rhythm steady.

Mountain Spring water is living water, the healthiest water on the planet. It is from the earth, just the way nature intended it, meaning it is the best water on the planet for the human body.

Drinking natural spring water daily can aid in simple things that you might not think water can do. These benefits include maintaining healthy body weight, improved circulation, decrease muscle and joint pain, better food digestion, and healthy glowing skin.

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