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Health + Wellness Podcasts That Inspire Us

By: Mountain Valley Spring

We live in a time of podcasts. The thing about podcasts that is so comforting is the nice, warm feeling you get when you hear someone else sharing intelligent thoughts about something you’re also passionate about. And it doesn’t matter what you’re into, you can probably find a podcast for it.

Not to mention, if you’re just coming out of hibernation and trying to get back into a workout regimen, a good podcast can give you an extra push. Today we’re recommending some pretty lovely voices in health + wellness, guaranteed to get you ready for the gym. Grab a Mountain Valley Spring Water, lace up your sneakers, and get motivated:

Rich Roll - It’s understated to say this man is an athlete. Rich Roll redefines the whole thing completely, and he’s a human before anything else. He talks with different health and fitness figures that motivate him and inspire his own work; these talks get real. Overall, this podcast is disarming and encouraging all at once.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin - Need some extra advice on habits that light the path to happiness? Gretchen’s got you covered with practical tips and tricks to keep the positive vibes flowing. Tune in to listen to solid strategy for topics stretching from manageable goals to procrastination.

The Rambling Runner - Whether you just got off the couch or you’re a hardcore marathoner, this is a great running podcast. Learn to train from other runners of all stamina levels and hear from some insightful guests with astonishing stories. Maximize the motivation by listening right before you plan on doing a lap or two around the block.

The FitCast - This one’s all about nutrition and focusing on technical fitness. Get weight loss tips, find ways to implement lean habits, and listen to expert recommendations on precision nutrition. This is definitely a great listen for those who want to hear more in depth details of why your body reacts to certain training and nutrition. You’ll learn a lot!

We want to hear what your favorite podcasts are. Tell us in the comments so we can get inspired too!