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Goal Digging

By: Mountain Valley Spring

We are past the halfway mark for the year and for many of us, those new year’s resolutions are long forgotten—and that’s okay. It is difficult to stick to some goals or resolutions, especially the tough ones. This is why it is important to set both large and small goals, and even more important to not be discouraged if you miss the mark.
A good way to achieve more goals is to break them down into smaller pieces. For example, instead of setting a goal to lose weight, set a goal of losing a certain number of pounds or inches off of your waist per quarter. Using this method allows a person to work towards a reasonable goal daily. If the goal is met early, set another milestone to reach, and if in month two, you are off track, you can adjust to reach the goal by the end of the quarter.

Once you have set one or a few mini-goals, write them down. 

Yes, we live in a time where much of our information is inputted and stored on our phones tablets and computers, but there is power in the actual written word. Take a piece of paper or notebook and write your goals down in clear and concise language. Once you are done, keep the paper in a place that you will keep up with it. Read those goals regularly to keep them fresh in your mind.
Finally, do something every single day to get closer to your goal. Investing, research, a conversation, saving, working out, taking a walk, meditating or having a salad instead of a burger all can have an impact on the overall outcome. Whatever you do, do something!

We believe in you and we’d like to know how your progressing. Please drop a note in the comments @mountainvalleywater and tell us how you are reaching your goals.