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Get Off the Couch, Grab These Adventure Apps + Go

By: Mountain Valley Spring

The seasons are about to change in a big way, and we are ready for it. Green grass, blossoms and warmer temps are just around the corner. We're sure our Mountain Valley Spring Water active hydration enthusiasts have already been out running, biking, and taking over the park. Though to get the most out of enjoying beautiful spring weather, we've compiled a list of our favorite apps to take your adventures to the next level. 

MSW Surf Forecast: No one wants to bring out the big board for flat water. This app tells you when to expect the best waves and epic "Endless Summer" rides. What's really nice is it features swell and surf size, period, wind, temperature, and general conditions summary. Hang 10!

REI's Hiking Project: If you've already hit all the regular spots and know the national park trails like the back of your hand, this is a great app to try out. It'll take you to some of the best lesser-known local trails near you, and it offers elevation profiles, interactive maps, and GPS-based route info with offline hike download capability.

Strava: This is a running and cycling focused app for folks who like a little friendly competition. Record your distance, time and course, and running speed. Then use the overview metrics to improve and challenge your friends to a race. Winner gets treated to a round of chilled spring water.

These are just a few of many cool fitness focused apps, but don't forget to grab a water tracking app, just for good measure. Aquaalert and Hydro Coach are a few we recommend. While you're downloading and installing those, take a peek at some of our Detox Monday recipes to ramp up your vitamin intake for the journey.