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Everything You’ve Wanted is on the Other Side of Fear

By: Mountain Valley Spring

When it’s time to put up or give up, we’ll dip into just about any resource to build the endorphins and adrenaline needed to follow through. We rely on saved sound bites from our favorite teachers to push us in the race, we hear our family praising us with each step we take down a dim trail that we’re trying to pick our way down. Some folks even go as far to assign luck to dirty socks and jerseys. These might do the trick, but nothing inspires us quite like fear, and there is a specific formula to harness its energy.

First and probably most importantly, you have to recognize your conflict and let all your insecurities rise to the top like a thick cream until it’s brimming over and spilling everywhere. If that sounds scary, good. Whether you’re bouldering the Ouachita Mountains or trying to leave a dysfunctional relationship, knowing your options and visualizing all the complex movements is what drives your execution. Now you’re ready to work through the worst case scenarios.  

Don’t just visualize it, speak it into existence. Above all, be deliberate. If you were climbing up the side of a mountain, you wouldn’t do it without mentioning such a big adventure to someone important, and you certainly wouldn’t make the next move without having a sure foot on the first step. This is when you tell the world that you’re rising to the occasion and finding your way to more promising ground. It's only up from here, and you refuse to remain stagnant!

Finally, you’ve got to commit, because you can't just hang out on the side of a mountain forever. Strip away all the consolations and superficial comforts like, money and convenience, and be ready to feel a little lonely along the way. When you don’t count on a safety net, you cultivate the will not to fall. We’re not saying you should go climbing without protective gear; we’re just big fans of the road less traveled. Plus, those moments of loneliness are opportunities to listen to what you actually do want and create plans to take it.

Next time you’re at a crossroads, and you feel something uncomfortable sitting in the middle of your stomach, just know that you’re on the right track. Keep going! 

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