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Everyday Mindfulness Over One-Time Resolutions

By: Mountain Valley Spring

Welcome to the beginning of a new year, where you’ll find ambitious resolutions and the best intentions to carry them out. While some resolutions might not come to fruition, we truly love this time of year because there is an elevated consciousness among us to at least try to be better versions of ourselves. This is the time of year that we return to self and think deeply about what will make us whole, we go back to the source and replenish what propels us. 

Instead of one big goal, try exercising that same mindfulness throughout the year. Be deliberate everyday. You’ll find more honesty and happiness in yourself, even through small acts of consciousness. 

One of the best ways to kickstart that kind of thinking is a good physical cleansing with a detoxification regimen. We’ll be using the next few blogs to showcase some signature detox blends. Here’s one that’s fit for building momentum and keeping it everyday. 

Crisp Grapefruit & Mint Calorie Buster
Our mineral-rich Mountain Valley Spring Water has been uncomplicated for over 145 years, making it the best base for detox blends. For this one, all you need is grapefruit and fresh mint for a tart, tingly taste. If you’re trying to watch your caloric intake, this vital medley will keep your cravings in check. 

Raw grapefruit is known for its bitter taste, but this highly acidic fruit is chalk full of vitamins A, C, D, and even a few from the B complex. Most important to diet minded beings, the fleshy citrus also contains phytochemicals, such as liminoids and lycopene, that help your body burn fat the healthy way. It’s rich in copper, potassium, biotin. To get in on these important nutrients, simply squeeze and drop the desired amount of quartered grapefruit pieces into our clean spring water, or lightly muddle them for a more pulpy consistency. Then, lightly slap a few mint leaves against your palm to activate its strong organic aroma, which is a proven appetite suppressant, and mix them in with the grapefruit. 

You’re done! Sip and enjoy the crisp complement these two simple ingredients bring to our pure, natural spring water.