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Enjoy the Simplicity of Life

By: Mountain Valley Spring

As humans, we find ourselves with an ever-changing list of responsibilities, and depending on the day, it can be hard to see through to the little things that make it all worth it. We all have jobs and challenges, but we also get to enjoy the gratifying sound of popping bubble wrap. Ahhh yes, and what a lovely pop it is.

Seriously though, have you ever stopped to count up all the little things that make your day shine a little brighter? There’s getting real mail from a real person that cares about you, or sharing in the joy of friends who are celebrating a life event. Sometimes it’s something as small as rolling down the windows on a perfect day, folding a fitted sheet the right way, or having a sip of your favorite Mountain Valley Sparkling Water out of a frosty glass bottle, at just the right cool temperature.

Being conscious of all these little things is what helps us overcome the not-so-good stuff, and if you really want to tap into that positivity, we think it takes on a greater meaning in nature. Next time you’re on the trail, absorb the breeze, listen to the birds, study the leaves, and know that it all exists to delight us.

We want to hear from you. What’s your favorite simple pleasure in life? Tell us in the comments or tag us in your pics - @mountainvalleywater.