By: Mountain Valley Spring

I got a violin when I was 10. There was something mysterious about the violin hanging on the pawn shop wall. It was summer so I was with my Dad. I talked him into buying it for me. I still don’t know how he came up with the sixty dollars that it cost to take it home. After summer ended I was dropped back off to my mom’s house and she got me lessons.

As a ten year old, I lacked the vocabulary to express my feelings. When I found the violin I found my voice, and a way express myself and to explain the world to myself.

I stayed with music because I had (and still have) no choice. When it comes down to it, I believe that inspiration in music is really a call to serve.

Words and music are my passion. There’s an urgency to it, to put feelings into words and sounds. My aim is to serve through expression, to name things not just for myself but for anyone that may feel like I feel. The world with all of its beauty and bleakness can be a tangle and we are all just trying to navigate it the best we can.

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