Cocktail Hour - Apple Hinny

By: Mountain Valley Spring

Sometimes it can be hard to let go of the beach and sunshine, but the Apple Hinny sure does make it easier. This cocktail is the perfect way to transition into fall--no rush, of course!

In this recipe, we celebrate the Granny Smith apple, not to be too upstaged by our Mountain Valley Sparkling in the flavor Lime Twist. Both are an American classic. Mountain Valley has been bottled since 1871. Sure, the apple has been around a little longer, but together they make the ultimate duo in this seasonal cocktail recipe.

Apple Hinny

Yields 2 Servings:

3 oz Vodka

2 oz fresh Granny Smith Apple Juice

4 oz  Mountain Valley Sparkling Lime Twist

Splash of Ginger Beer

Nutmeg dusting


Combine all ingredients except the nutmeg, into a shaker. Shake vigorously and pour into a glass over ice. Grate fresh nutmeg over top, add a slice of Granny Smith for garnish.

Careful, this cocktail is likely to make you want to sit on your front porch and watch the leaves change!