Being Mindful About Bedtime

by | February 12, 2018

We’re only getting busier as time goes on and technology advances. But when do we get to sleep? 

We are a breed of strong multi-taskers, charged with juggling professional and social spheres, and much of that depends on staying connected. Being able to keep going requires more than a workout routine and eight glasses of water a day, though both of those are nourishing. Expressive hobbies like painting and playing music are also good to practice to maintain a center. Still, somewhere in the middle of all of life’s good and bad stressors, we have to shut down and recharge. 

Our brains get exhausted after a long day of staring into a series of different screens. Some of us have figured out good ways to temporarily unplug, but nothing will ever compare to what good sleep can do for your brain. So we wanted to share a few ways that help us prioritize sleep.

Saying No 
We mean saying no to both extra work and pop-up social engagements. We’re not telling you to slack off or to abandon sporadic occasions, but sometimes it’s healthy to leave work after normal business hours and just go home… 

Sure, blowing off steam at happy hour is fun, but a little alone time can help your brain process thoughts you haven’t been able to get to with all the outside stimulation of being at the office. It’s also at this time of winding down that you can go about organizing your thoughts and preparing for the next day.

Visualize Your Bedtime
Most of us plan on waking up at a certain time, so why shouldn’t we try to focus on getting in bed at a specific time? Throughout your day, think of that time and all the relaxing parts of your bedtime routine. The excitement of a solid eight hours of sleep should help you say no to any extra work or late night hang outs. 

Create a Bedtime Routine
This is the discipline that holds it all together. When we program our brains to go into shutdown mode, it helps us disconnect and fall asleep quicker. A warm shower and some light stretching are a few of our favorite decompression activities to do right before bed. We also recommend drinking about 8 oz of Mountain Valley Spring Water an hour and a half before you’re ready to lay down. 

Which of these are you already doing? Got any tips for us? Leave them in the comments section. You can also whip up Crisp Grapefruit & Mint Calorie Buster recipe to kick your morning into full gear!