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Why Our Water Is So Special

There’s a lot to love in every bottle. Many Americans appreciate a domestic product in an industry of imports. Foodies choose our sparkling water as it complements rather than overpowers. Some praise Mountain Valley’s unique “mouth feel.” Health-conscious consumers appreciate the calcium carbonate, iron, magnesium and naturally high pH to help offset modern acidic diets. Whatever your reasons, you can count on our enduring promise of pure, premium, great-tasting bottled water.

Voted best tasting water in the world, twice.

Our bottles are iconic. But our bottling process is what really sets us apart.

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The Source

Geologists estimate that it takes up to 3,500 years for rain falling on Cedar Mountain to reach a deep aquifer before returning as pristine Mountain Valley Spring Water. This natural filtering process transforms ancient water – and the minerals it collects along the way – into the pure, holistic water we bottle today.


Protected Forest

The quality of Mountain Valley Spring Water is directly related to the quality of the natural spring source the company has utilized and carefully protected since 1871. No activities are allowed on the 2,000 acres of forest land protecting our watershed, other than those relating to the bottling of our premium spring water products.

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Packaging & Bottling

Mountain Valley is inherently connected to the land. That’s why we use 50% rPET in our PET bottles and 35% recycled glass in our glass bottles. We also take deliberate steps to preserve our natural resources for today and for generations by practicing low-impact water withdrawal, reducing packaging, using less energy in manufacturing, choosing renewable energy sources when possible and working with government, industry and public interest groups to recover and reuse as much packaging as possible. We even incentivize employee recycling efforts by selling scrap paper, plastic and glass and donating the proceeds to a philanthropic, employee-operated fund.

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We take purity very seriously. Water flowing from our natural spring is tested daily by our quality control staff, monthly by the Arkansas Department of Health, annually by the National Sanitation Foundation, and periodically by other rigorous governmental bodies and private companies from the U.S. and other countries. In addition, our water undergoes an extensive annual analysis by a laboratory certified by the EPA to analyze drinking water, which far exceeds the scope of testing required for municipal tap water systems. Everything that comes into contact with our water – tanks, piping, bottles and caps – is tested daily, too. All records are maintained for 10 years.

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Kosher & Pareve

Mountain Valley Spring Water is certified Kosher and Pareve by the Orthodox Union, and we stand fast to its principles.