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What Makes Mountain Valley Spring Water Special?

mineral water

Mountain Valley Spring Water is pristine, naturally high pH water, containing a nice selection of minerals like calcium carbonate, iron, manganese and even a trace amount of fluoride. Devotees of our water claim it not only tastes refreshing, but it has a certain “mouth feel” other holistic water options do not possess. Our natural spring water has twice won the title of “Best Tasting Non-Carbonated Bottled Water in the World” at the prestigious Berkley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Many teams of geologists have tested the natural spring source over the years and have determined that the water takes up to 3,500 years for the rain falling on Cedar Mountain to travel to the deep aquifer and return as Mountain Valley Spring Water. The natural filtering of this ancient water and the minerals it collects along the way make it different from many other bottled water sources.

minerals in this spring water include calcium carbonate, iron, manganese, and fluoride

The naturally high pH of Mountain Valley mineral water is especially prized by knowledgeable, natural and organic consumers that desire holistic water to help offset modern high acid diets.

Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottles is sought out by chemically sensitive people who suffer from MCS and are sensitive to pervasive man-made chemicals in the environment. Mountain Valley is dedicated to ensuring our bottles, caps, and labels remain safe for chemically sensitive people.

Our sparkling spring water is loved by “foodies” not only for its minerals and taste, but because the bubbles are small and complement rather than overpower good food.

Mountain Valley Spring Water is certified Kosher and Pareve by the Orthodox Union and we stand fast to its principles.

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