Health Journey with Mountain Valley

by Mountain Valley | November 21, 2015

Diets come and go, but a healthy journey takes a lifetime to cultivate and maintain. Take it from someone who has lost almost 100 pounds in the last two years and still has a little bit to go. If you are going to maintain weight loss and be kind to the one body you’ve been given in this life, you need a couple of general guidelines.

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The Pomegranate Bourbon Fizz

by Mountain Valley | November 10, 2015

Apples and pumpkins may be the fall’s most famous produce, but October kicks off pomegranate season as well. This antioxidant- and vitamin C-rich fruit is a great way to give your immune system a boost in the cooler months (anything that makes claiming you’re really drinking to your health is a plus!), but its tart flavor and gorgeous color are what you’ll really love, especially in a holiday-friendly cocktail.

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Keeping Hydrated Matters in Fall and Winter

by Mountain Valley | November 5, 2015

Getting enough water is always important, even as the temperature cools. In fall and winter we all love to be outside but might not be as diligent about drinking water – or making our kids drink water – as we do when it’s warm outside.

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Mountain Valley Water Bottles: A Musical Project

by Mountain Valley | October 28, 2015

Mountain Valley glass water bottles can help out with creative experiments around your house. Several. Let’s go with a project that requires a little water drinking, some refilling, and putting the beautiful those beautiful bottles on a musical display.

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5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Love Water

by Mountain Valley | October 20, 2015

Do you have a child that prefers to drink milk, fruit juice or soda rather than water? With the abundance of fruity and sweet beverages out there, it comes as no surprise that many children don't drink enough water. In fact, 25% of kids will go an entire day without drinking any water. Although milk and real fruit juice are viable options, the best (and healthiest) choice for quenching thirst is water.

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Freehold: Discover Local Flavor in Brooklyn

by Mountain Valley | September 28, 2015

The next time you’re near Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood (or even when you’re not, this place is worth a special trip), be sure to stop by Freehold – a cool coffee shop and workspace by day that transforms into a restaurant and bar by night.

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Dinner at P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm

This Water Knows Where It Comes From

by Mountain Valley | August 28, 2014

These days, it's increasingly important to know where the food we eat – and what we wash it down with – comes from.

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An Unbalanced Diet: Keeping pH in Check

by Mountain Valley | September 22, 2015

Our bodies have a very narrow window of ideal pH – 7.35 to 7.45, right in the middle of the 0-to- 14 pH spectrum.

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Simplicity Is Our Secret Ingredient

by Mountain Valley | July 6, 2014

BFF Alert! Mother Nature and Mountain Valley.

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Mountain Valley Cocktail: Hibiscus Gin and Tonic

by Mountain Valley | September 18, 2015

Kick off your weekend with this Hibiscus Gin and Tonic from 387 Pantry in downtown Memphis, made with our premium water.

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