Recipes Made with Only Flour and Water

by Mountain Valley | May 19, 2016

Some people believe that a great dish requires many ingredients or a complex recipe. But at Mountain Valley, we know that a delicious meal doesn’t have to be overly complicated. The real secret to better cooking? Better quality ingredients. Read More

5 Essentials for a Family Picnic

by Mountain Valley | May 8, 2016

Mark your calendar, because we are officially in picnic season! Read More


Spring-Inspired Blackberry Pomegranate Vodka Cocktail

by Mountain Valley | April 23, 2016

It only seems right that we raise our glasses to toast to the newness of the season. How about with a light-hearted and happy cocktail? Read More

How Hydration Can Effect Your Sleep

by Mountain Valley | April 9, 2016

While many know dehydration can affect their waking hours, what they do not know is the negative effects their lack of water is having on their sleeping hours. Read More


Mountain Valley Spring Water Flavored Ice Cubes

by Mountain Valley | April 2, 2016

At Mountain Valley, we love seeing great things made with our water! Check out this beautiful and healthy ice cube recipe made with Mountain Valley Spring Water. Read More

Mountain Valley Water Skin Care

by Mountain Valley | March 25, 2016

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, which is why it requires proper care and hydration. Read More

Mountain Valley Alkalinity

by Mountain Valley | March 18, 2016

Alkalinity has become a buzzword in the health community. While some argue it’s a cure-all for a list of ailments, others question whether or not there has been an adequate amount of research to support these claims. Read More


by Michelle Pugh | April 28, 2016

We’ve updated our look. But rest assured, what’s inside is the same natural spring water we’ve been providing since 1871. Read More

Making Pizza with Mountain Valley Water

by Mountain Valley | February 29, 2016

"What I have discovered is that another commonly overlooked ingredient is water. My favorite water for pizza dough? Mountain Valley Spring Water." Read More

Your Academy Awards party needs mock champagne.

by Mountain Valley | February 28, 2016

Mock champagne is the ultimate party drink. With mock champagne, special moments are elevated, light-heartedness ensues and hearts swell with happiness. What is it about this drink? Is it the special fluted crystal glassware with the long skinny stem and globe perfectly balanced to allow the bubbles to breath? Or, is it just the bubbles? Oh the bubbles! Yes, the bubbles are what make mock champagne sing! Visually, the symphonies of bubbles are stunning and the flutes seem to barely contain the e Read More