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Distributing America’s Premium Water™

A Valuable Brand

Mountain Valley is the oldest, continuously operated bottled spring water company in the United States and it has been marketing for decades as “America’s Premium Water.” The quality of our single, pure source combined with glass packaging, our heritage and well known brand make Mountain Valley Spring Water a profitable addition to the portfolio of any fine  bottled water distributor.

A Dynamic Market

Bottled water ranks as the 2nd leading beverage category in the United States and continues to demonstrate strong growth worldwide. The Mountain Valley Spring Water brand competes in the “premium” segment of the bottled water market as the American alternative against imported brands such as San Pelligrino, Acqua Panna, Fiji, and Perrier.

A Unique Opportunity

Mountain Valley offers exclusive distributors to both retail distributors and home & office distributors. The company also provides marketing support, training, and incentive programs to all of our spring water distributors.

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